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DUE Pharm

DUE Pharm takes immense pride in its unmatched pharmacovigilance services, combining advanced technology and industry experience for superior compliance. Our forward-thinking approach caters to clients’ business growth and meets global and local regulations.

Equipped with the necessary expertise and know-how, our pharmacovigilance team confidently manages projects of all sizes. From large post-authorization endeavors to supporting small and medium-sized pharmaceutical firms, we offer cost-effective tailored solutions.

With our varied pharmacovigilance solutions, clients can expect compliant pharmacovigilance system setup, Master File management, complete QPPV office or specific components, PV system assessments, and fulfillment of EU pharmacovigilance requirements.

Through the integration of pharmacovigilance, medical information, and regulatory affairs, we cultivate an efficient and collaborative multi-disciplinary team. This strategy guarantees optimal solutions and timely delivery of PSMF, EudraVigilance, and QPPV details, meeting or exceeding client expectations.

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Pharmacovigilance services

Full EU Pharmacovigilance System Lease And Development:

We provide comprehensive support in establishing and developing pharmacovigilance systems that meet the stringent requirements of the EU...

EU QPPV Services

Our Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV) services are designed to fulfill the regulatory requirement of having a designated individual responsible for pharmacovigilance activities within the EU...

LPPV Services

Our Local Person for Pharmacovigilance (LPPV) services cater to the specific requirements of local regulations in different countries. With our expertise and understanding of regional pharmacovigilance requirements...

PV Audits

Our PV audit services aim to assess the effectiveness and compliance of clients pharmacovigilance systems and processes. Our experienced auditors will conduct thorough reviews to identify any gaps or areas for improvement...

DUE Pharm’s unwavering commitment lies in providing outstanding pharmacovigilance solutions, prioritizing patient safety, regulatory compliance, and the success of the pharmaceutical industry.

Count on us as your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic terrain of drug safety and surveillance.